Leyla K’s World

Hi! My name is Kiley. The name “Leyla K” is a part of my name and my sister and brother’s names combined together. My sister’s name is Kyla and my brother’s name is Kendrick but many call him “Kenny”. He is named after daddy. Our names start with a “K” because daddy’s name starts with a “K”.

Ever since I was little my dream was to be an artist and a chef. One day when I was five years old I told mommy that I would like a dessert company. She started it immediately after talking to daddy about it and now we are well know in our community for our desserts. One business told mommy that she could only come back with the supervisor’s permission. They were distracted from their work. When mommy delivered cookies everyone stopped what they were doing to get some cookies. I was standing next to mommy. The line was really long. It was really cool.

I love writing just like my mommy, so sometimes she will post stories I write and pictures I draw and art from my sissy and brother. I’m excited about this and my sissy Kyla is too. She is four years old. I am nine and my brother is one.

I am very happy to share some of these things with you!


Leyla K

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